Press Release - Where's Pocan?

wherepocan-sq.pngThe Republican Party of Dane County is asking Representative Pocan - Where are you

Over the past year, hard-working and dedicated Wisconsinites showed up to work during the pandemic.  On the other hand, it seems Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, via Pocan’s request, was doing more to represent Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District over the past year than Pocan.

Despite having earlier access to the Covid-19 vaccine than nearly all his constituents, Pocan repeatedly filed to have Raskin as his proxy since he was “unable to physically attend proceedings due to the ongoing health emergency”.  Furthermore, he conveniently revoked and invoked this as it seemed to fit his schedule.  This is all public information.

·       May 22nd, 2020 Proxy Filing

·       June 24th, 2020 Proxy Filing

·       July 25th, 2020 Proxy Filing

·       August 21st, 2020 Proxy Filing

·       September 11th, 2020 Proxy Filing

·       January 15, 2021 Proxy Filing

·       April 19th, 2021 Proxy Filing


Picture1.pngVia recent, derogatory tweets, Pocan has claimed he has been representing us consistently over the last year, but his filings suggest otherwise.  Either he is not terribly interested in representing us or he is signing and filing proxy papers falsely.  Which is it?

The voters of the 2nd Congressional District deserve an answer from Representative Pocan – Pocan, Where Are You?