Vote for Justice Kelly Tuesday

If you haven’t voted by absentee or early absentee voting already, we urge you to do so on April 7. Follow your doctor’s advice if you have an underlying health issue. Otherwise we urge you to vote.
Dean Knudson, Chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, is estimating 80% of all voters will have voted via absentee this year. That leaves only 20% to vote Tuesday. Outside of peak times it's likely there will not be a line to vote. There may not even be a line in peak times. Peak times are typically 7:00 – 7:30 am, noon to 1:00 pm and 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

If you see potential election problems on Tuesday report it to:
Our Suggestions
  • Go on a non-peak time.
  • Wear a thin pair of gloves while voting. Put them on before you enter the polling location, keep them on until you get back to your vehicle. You can sign and vote easily wearing a glove.
  • Have your photo ID in an easy to reach pocket.
  • Bring your own black ink pen to sign the poll book and mark the ballot.
  • Don’t feel a need to converse with anyone except election workers.
For Your Protection
  • The Dane County Clerk has secured an ample amount of disinfectant for use in polling stations throughout the county.
  • In Madison, election workers are not going to touch your driver license. You will place it on clip board. Each clip board will be sanitized before the next person uses it.
  • Safe spacing will be enforced. Each pen will be sanitized after use. Lower turnout means you’ll be in and out of there in minutes.
The City of Madison has most of the polling sites open although some have been combined. List of Madison polling locations here: Link

For polling locations outside Madison or outside Dane County go to


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  • Leah Emmerich
    commented 2020-07-11 22:18:21 -0500
    I know, I am too late to post anything on this, but it is time to recall Evers!!! He has done nothing but wreck the economy, shut down support groups for those with depression which I have, and ruined lives! He also let looters destroy businesses, and make my commute home from my 2nd shift job scary as I live downtown. You can take precautions without forcing businesses to shut down! You can also beef up police/Natl Guard protection to prevent looting and violence. Evers is the “worst” governor we have ever had!! Now, I didn’t agree with Walker with many things, but at least Walker was good with castle doctrine, getting back to you whether you agree or disagree, and Foxconn. At least we had that back then. Leah Emmerich