RPDC: Violence Begets Violence

For immediate release:
August 27th, 2020

Scott Grabins
[email protected] / 608-709-0478

The failure of Democrat leadership, local and statewide, has resulted in more senseless deaths due to rioting in Wisconsin.  For months, we have seen law enforcement ordered to step down by these Democrat “leaders” while violence continues to escalate and spin out of control. At least three people are now dead who should not be. 

There is a mobile army of Democrat radicals, linked together by social media, who are willing to travel by the hundreds on a moment’s notice.  They live in Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and elsewhere - armed with fireworks, rocks, headgear, specialized tactics, and with a plan for specific destruction.  Rioters give a lot of reasons why they do what they do but, at the end of the day, violence is never the answer.   

We recognize that our Constitution protects “the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition Government for a redress of grievances.”  It also protects the right of “freedom of speech”. 

Unfortunately, peaceful protests, and some organizations, have been infiltrated by, and continue to tolerate, rioters.  While a movement can be a surprised once, it should take steps immediately to ensure that rioters will not the tolerated and will be reported to authorities. As the leader of the Republican Party of Dane County, I unequivocally would follow those same guidelines for anyone purporting to represent us and disavow any violence in our name. Organizations that continue to cooperate with and encourage rioters are not peaceful.  Riots are not protected by the Constitution. 

To our Democrat mayors, Democrat Governor, and other Democrat leaders: The riots must stop.

They are harming only our own communities and impeding true change.  If we have learned one thing from history, it is that violence begets violence.  It should also be noted that the grievances voiced by the protesters all have occurred in Democrat run cities that have not solved the systemic problems about which protesters are, in theory, protesting.   

In our democracy, when people genuinely want change, it occurs through elections and the peaceful transition of power.  That is a cornerstone of our society.  Look at who is running our cities into riots and chaos – it is not our President.  Current leadership has left our cities in flames and plywood canyons.  Consider carefully and choose a different path in November and going forward – how many more lives must be lost?

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