The One Person Taking a Knee at Army-Navy Game


by Benny Johnson, Independent Journal Review,

Much has been made of people kneeling during patriotic moments at football games this year. However, the kneeling going on in the final moments of Army's historic victory over Navy Saturday night in Baltimore was a welcome sight, a least for the Black Knight hopeful.

West Point Chaplain Matthew Pawlikowski could be found on his knees, feet from the field, fiercely praying the Rosary for at least the last ten minutes of the game. In that time, Army took a commanding 21-17 lead — they stopped the ever-dangerous Midshipmen offense in their tracks and clung to the victory.

The spinning silver Rosary never left Pawlikowski's hands as he kissed it and kept his eyes shut tight, even as his team made crucial play after play and the audience roared.

What was Pawlikowski praying for exactly? IJR asked the intense Priest, and he replied:

    “I began the game praying that no one on either side would get hurt and that God would protect all of us and those who sacrifice for our great nation. Now I'm just praying for an Army victory.”

It appears, those prayers were answered.   READ more about it HERE.

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