RPDC Hosts Annual Caucus, Affirms Support for Right to Work, Elects New Officers

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March 3, 2015


Republican Party of Dane County
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The Republican Party of Dane County held its annual party caucus on Saturday February 28. With a quorum present, the group voted on its officers for 2015-2016 and passed several resolutions.

The group passed a resolution on its support for the Right to Work legislation that is currently being reviewed by the Wisconsin Assembly after having passed the State Senate last week.

The resolution in part states:

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Dane County, in caucus assembled, urges the Wisconsin legislature to enact Right to Work legislation during the current legislative session, so Wisconsin becomes the 25th state in the union to enact this law; and be it further

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Dane County applauds any legislator who supports this matter.

Chairman Grabins had this to say on the resolution, “I’m happy to report that our members reaffirmed their support of Right-to-Work in Wisconsin this weekend in Caucus.  This answers the question whether or not there is grass roots support.  Absolutely there is and we’re proud to stand with any and all legislators who support it. Hopefully all legislators from Dane County will hear this message and support it also.”

The 2015-16 elected officers are:

  • Scott Grabins, Chair (reelected)
  • Nancy Bartlett, Vice Chair (reelected)
  • Michael Cummins, Secretary
  • Brooke Froelich, Treasurer (reelected)

Other approved resolutions dealt with replacing the Government Accountability Board, reforming John Doe investigations, stopping Common Core and getting more citizen input on tax hikes.

A copy of the resolutions can be found online: http://www.danegop.org/caucus_resolutions

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