The Reagan Society

“Winning friends, influence and votes on the frontlines of democracy.”

PresidentReaganCircle.pngConservative values need to be maintained and grown in Wisconsin, especially in Dane County. Dane County casts the third most votes of any Wisconsin county and within Dane County around 80,000 Republican votes were cast in 2016 and Republicans won Wisconsin. We are also the media center for over one million people in Southcentral and Southwestern Wisconsin.

There exists tremendous potential to grow the conservative movement in Wisconsin and in Dane County.  We are determined to grow this Party and its impact. We need your help.

Your Support Will:

  • Help us win more hearts and minds to support the conservative fight in Dane County. Through fellowship in the Reagan Society, your contributions go to support organizational and outreach efforts.
  • Join in the fellowship - We will grow a cadre of members helping us year after year at a level with which they are comfortable contributing – annually or monthly. 
  • Invest in worthwhile activities – With adequate funding we will add professional staff, engage in public political action, improve our voter ID and GOTV (get-out-the-vote) activities. We will also conduct polling, and even provide financial support for campaigns that you select.

Four Fellowship Levels (available in monthly installments)

Foundation Fellow – $150 / Year


1854 White School House Fellow – $300 / Year


President Lincoln Fellow – $500 / Year


President Reagan Fellow - $1000 / Year


Additional Features

  • Annual Dinner and Meeting – Join us yearly, at no additional cost (1 ticket for Foundation Fellow, 2 tickets for other Fellows), at the Reagan Society annual dinner and meeting. Build relationships, hear keynote speaker, get Reagan Society and Party reports, and elect Advisory Committee.
  • Your Society Remains Close – You’ll get occasional emails related to Reagan Society efforts.
  • Advisory Group – An Reagan Society Advisory Group that you elected will advise the Party, and report to you annually.
  • Conduit Option – The Lincoln and Reagan Fellows can direct part of their investment to a Dane Campaign Conduit fund. You retain control of which campaigns are supported.  How A Campaign Conduit Works
  • Membership Option – You don’t have be a member of the Party to join, but you will have the option.

Thank you for your commitment to the conservative movement and your membership in the Reagan Society. We greatly appreciate your support!