Protecting Americans from Identity Theft



by Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman's  Congressional Update Feb. 14 2017

Social Security numbers are more important now than ever before. We use them to apply to college, get a credit card and open bank accounts. Unfortunately, as we use our Social Security numbers more and more, identity theft becomes increasingly common. Today, I spoke in an Oversight and Government Reform Committee business meeting about Rep. Valadao’s (R-Calif.) Social Security Fraud Prevention Act that prohibits agencies from including Social Security numbers on documents sent by mail. The Internal Revenue Service sometimes sends Social Security information on postcards and in see-through envelopes. This makes it easy for identity theft to occur. Given the lasting and devastating impact identity theft can have on American families and seniors, it’s incredibly important that we don’t allow such sensitive information to fall into the hands of the wrong people. Rep. Valadao’s bill is an important first step in reaching the bipartisan goal of making sure our government does a better job of protecting Americans’ sensitive information.

To watch my full speech on the Social Security Fraud Prevention Act, please click here.

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