Roger Stone: CIA Is Using Technology To Subvert The Constitution


Roger Stone interviews CIA whistle blower on recent Vault 7 Wikileaks dump of CIA data

Watch it HERE


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Tucker Carlson GOES IN on DC Politicians, Says They Hate Trump @ IAFF Fire Fighters Conference


Tucker's speech March 6, 2017 at a Firefighters conference portrays a very clear picture of how rotten DC is. 

Keep praying for Trump team!

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Tucker Carlson takes on Jorge Ramos on whites becoming minority



March 9, 2017 posted at

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos proclaimed that whites will become a minority within 30 years and that “this is our country.

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'Am I at risk of being hacked?' What you need to know about the 'Vault 7' documents


 The Guardian March 7, 2017

WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing website run by Julian Assange, has released a cache of documents it calls “Vault 7”, which contains details of hacking tools used by the CIA.
What is in ‘Vault 7’?

WikiLeaks said 7,818 web pages and 943 attachments were published, but were just the first part of more material to come. WikiLeaks said it has an entire archive of data consisting of several million lines of computer code. The documents appear to date between 2013 and 2016. WikiLeaks described them as “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency”.

The files describe CIA plans and descriptions of malware and other tools that could be used to hack into some of the world’s most popular technology platforms. The documents showed that the developers aimed to be able to inject these tools into targeted computers without the owners’ awareness.

The files do not describe who the prospective targets might be, but the documents show broad exchanges of tools and information between the CIA, the National Security Agency and other US federal intelligence agencies, as well as intelligence services of close allies Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
What does this mean the CIA can do?

A broad range of devices are targeted by the agency. A lot of attention is focused on breaking into general-purpose computing devices, including PCs and smartphones, with malware that affects iOS and Android phones referred to in the text, as well as Windows and Linux computers.

The tools described would allow the CIA to take almost complete remote control of a user’s phone, turning it into a complete spying device reporting back to the agency. But it would only do so on the most important targets, since each time the agency uses the malware, it runs the risk of being discovered, prompting manufacturers to release a fix to prevent future attacks from succeeding.

Exactly that happened in August 2016, when Apple issued a global iOS update after three attacks implemented to try and break into the iPhone of an Arab human rights activist were discovered.

The documents also include discussions about compromising some internet-connected Samsung televisions to turn them into listening posts. That hack, like many others, would only work in an extremely targeted manner: it requires physical access to the TV in question, since the malware is loaded via a USB port.

One other document discusses hacking vehicle systems, appearing to indicate the CIA’s interest in hacking recent-model cars with sophisticated onboard computer systems.  READ it HERE

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Trump and Grandkids -- Photo of the Year


"Skipping my dear, is definitely important."     Mr. President, you are the best!

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Did Paul Ryan intentionally sabotage his own health care plan?


Scott Lemieux,  THE WEEK    March 7, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally introduced his proposed replacement for ObamaCare late Monday. It did not go well.

Democrats were predictably appalled that the GOP proposal, called the American Health Care Act, would essentially take away health care from millions of people, many of them poor, in order to pay for upper-class tax cuts. Moderate Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn.) summed up the feelings of the Democratic caucus when he declared that the bill's savage cuts to Medicaid were a "disgrace to our nation" and that "I will fight it with everything I have."

But there was never a chance that Democrats would support any major Republican changes to the Affordable Care Act. So what's really interesting is the amount of opposition that the bill has instantly generated among conservatives.

If Democrats see taking away poor people's health care to pay for things like tax breaks for health insurance CEOs as cruel, the American right sees it as not cruel enough. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asserted that the bill was "dead on arrival." The far-right Freedom Caucus in the House was no more enthusiastic. Conservative health policy wonks attacked the bill. And major conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, the Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, and the CATO Institute immediately came out swinging against "RINOCare."

What explains the depth of conservative opposition? One possibility is that we should, as Marco Rubio might put it, dispel with the myth that Paul Ryan knows what he's doing. While some grumbling from House conservatives was inevitable, it's odd that he couldn't get buy-in from conservative organizations for a replacement plan. On its face, everything about this botched rollout seems like gross political incompetence.

Another, and perhaps more plausible, answer is that Ryan couldn't possibly be this inept. He didn't get his allies on board for a simple reason: He doesn't actually want any major repeal plan to pass.  READ it Here

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If we are not just animals, what are we?


By Roger Scruton, NYT  March 6, 2017

Philosophers and theologians in the Christian tradition have regarded human beings as distinguished from the other animals by the presence within them of a divine spark. This inner source of illumination, the soul, can never be grasped from outside, and is in some way detached from the natural order, maybe taking wing for some supernatural place when the body collapses and dies.

Recent advances in genetics, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology have all but killed off that idea. But they have raised the question of what to put in its place. For quite clearly, although we are animals, bound in the web of causality that joins us to the zoosphere, we are not just animals.

There is something in the human condition that suggests the need for special treatment. Almost all people believe that it is a crime to kill an innocent human, but not to kill an innocent tapeworm. And almost all people regard tapeworms as incapable of innocence in any case — not because they are always guilty, but because the distinction between innocent and guilty does not apply to them. They are the wrong kind of thing.  READ it HERE

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Holtz Applauds President Trump’s Call to Fund School Choice


Election will be April 4th.  Mark your calendars!

(Beloit, WI)  March 1, 2017 Press release

Lowell Holtz, candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, made the following statement in regard to President Donald Trump’s call to fund school choice in America.

“Last night in his address to Congress, President Donald Trump called for an education bill that would fund school choice for America’s disadvantaged students.  I applaud President Trump’s appeal because every student deserves to learn in a manner that best suits them.  In Wisconsin, we have seen the advantages school choice, and as Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will work to expand the opportunity for every child in Wisconsin.

President Trump was absolutely correct when he called education “the civil rights issue of our time.”  We must give our children and grandchildren every possible opportunity to succeed and get ahead in life.”

Dr. Holtz has taught in classrooms, been recognized as a Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and has led district improvement efforts as Superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle, Beloit, and Whitnall School Districts. He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, and is the son of a retired Milwaukee Police Officer. Lowell is married to Dr. Susan Holtz, his high school sweetheart and wife of 36 years, and together they have raised five grown children. In addition to his roles in education, Dr. Holtz has over two decades of experience in law enforcement.

Contact:  Brit Schiel
[email protected]

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Loser of the Day - Tony Evers


 Right Wisconsin Feb 28, 2017

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers repeated his belief yesterday that Act 10 is contributing to a perceived teacher shortage in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Evers said, “I think it’s made a hell of a big difference.”

“We have turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers,” Evers said.

The reality is a study by the Public Policy Forum found that the decline in people entering the teaching profession in Wisconsin mirrors a national trend. They could find no connection to Act 10.

In fact, Act 10 has actually helped the better teachers in the state by making the job market more competitive. Evers called districts competing for good teachers, "poaching."

Spring Election for DPI Superintendent

Evers is facing off against Lowell Holtz in the April 4 spring election, Holtz' conservative philosophy supports innovative options for K - 12 education which contrasts to Evers. 


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CPAC 2017 Ann McElhinney - Expansion of the Pro-Life Movement



Joined by Marcie Little and Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney speaks at CPAC 2017 

Watch the panel discussion here. 

Related araticle in LifeSite News: Story of ‘House of Horrors’ serial killer Gosnell ‘brought me back to prayer,’ says Ann McElhinney - filmmaker. Read it here. 


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