Press Release - End Mandates & Let Families Decide

For immediate release:
October 5th, 2021


Scott Grabins
[email protected]

As Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) continues to issue seemingly endless decrees for mask mandates, it is long past time to ask them for “more” – more accountability and more leadership. Anyone who has travelled beyond the borders of Dane County has seen how most of the state and country has already moved beyond mandates. PHMDC needs to back off mandates and instead better provide us with complete, unbiased, and non-partisan information so that every individual in Dane County can make informed health decisions for themselves and their families.

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I’ve had it!

I’ve had it!  Innocent American people are being savaged by the federal government by being told that they are the reason for new increases of Covid cases nationwide.  Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants with the Covid virus flood across our Southern Border  unabated!  The overwhelmed border patrol are unable to deal with the numbers of illegals, much less screen those with the contagious Covid virus and quarantine them. These Covid spreaders are being released, almost immediately and sent to almost every state in the nation, making the Southern Border fiasco the largest unfettered Covid spreading event ever.

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U.S. Not A Sovereign Nation

The greatest country in the free world, the United States of America has ended as we have known it!  It is no longer sovereign, as our southern border has been virtually eliminated by the Biden/Harris Administration. The Border Crisis began even before the January 21, 2021 Inauguration of the Biden Administration. In a welcoming message to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, Biden and Harris encouraged people to surge to the southern U.S. border, where even if apprehended, they would not be deported. 

One of Joe Biden’s first Executive Orders was to end the building of the very effective Border Wall on the southern border. The result, thousands, and thousands of immigrants daily since January 21, have flooded and overwhelmed border immigration officials, fences, technology, and facilities to process and temporarily house immigrants.  Regardless of what you call it, the net effect is that it has totally opened the southern border of our country to not only those from South, or Central America countries and Mexico.  Many recently apprehended, included foreign terrorists, including many on active foreign terrorist lists.  They were from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, to name but a few.  

All immigration border patrol officers previously assigned to patrol the border to intercept, undocumented persons, drugs, sex traffickers, etc., have been removed to help deal with the huge influx of humanity flooding at border crossing sites.  Many of those coming are children, not accompanied by parents, but rather being transported across deserts by drug cartels!  Many have been recruited to carry in drugs, and many are being sex trafficked to cover the cost of their trip to the border. Drugs and sex trafficking was nearly ended by the prior administration, but that has been totally turned around in only two plus months. 

There are various aged kids coming unaccompanied by adults.  The largest number of what have been described as children, are aged 15-18+, some even involved in cartels and gangs like the notorious MS-13.  One of the most disturbing problems relates to the number of those coming into our country with Covid-19, none wearing masks, or otherwise following Covid-19 pandemic protocols, which all Americans have been subject to for more than a year.  Because of the numbers, many are never screened for Covid-19 and thus spreading it to other immigrants, including our citizens.  Many are never apprehended simply crossing into open areas in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and are not ever tested for Covid-19. Spikes in Covid-19 are likely due to those transported into our county.  

We as Americans, not just on the border, but across the country, will pay for this flood of illegals. Illegal immigrants are being transported not just to border states and communities, but also to almost every state in the nation with little or no tracking or their required follow up in immigration courts. Many areas will be overwhelmed thus taxing existing health, education, and welfare resources. 

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not also point out that this crisis is also creating problems for every immigrant trying to enter.  The overcrowding in facilities holding those being processed has created numerous hardships for those being processed and even crowding that may be exacerbating the instances of Covid-19 and its spread to other immigrants and staff.   Poor planning and communications and quick changes of border policies also hurts those trying to enter our country. 

This is the dictionary definition of a Crisis!  Call your U.S. Senator and House of Representatives member and tell them this must stop immediately or we no longer have a country. 

This Column was written by Dave G. a 51 year resident of Madison and former broadcast journalist in Madison and elsewhere. 

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Dane GOP: Why We Must Grow

By: Bobby Ronny

I joined the Republican Party because of the worries I have about the direction of our country.  When did it become normal to attack absolute truth?  Gender, as in BIOLOGY, is optional?  It is now married to a contrived idea of self-esteem.  Race has become the most powerful identifying trait.  Previously, one’s character was predicated by things like religion or family, not skin color.  If you disagree with these new rules you fall into a group labeled “cancel-worthy” because you are a white supremacist-racist-transphobic-homophobic-bigot.  The Democrat Party has become extremely dangerous to traditional American values; it is attempting to redefine absolute truth, much like the Soviets did.

In Orwell’s 1949 masterpiece, 1984, 2+2=5 was a slogan used to showcase the power of the totalitarian state as well its absurdity.[i]  According to Winston Smith, the novel’s protagonist, “Freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4.”[ii]  The Soviets of the 1950s, advertently or not, adopted the same message.  It meant that the goals of the first five-year plan could be reached in four years if the people just worked hard enough[iii].  Mind you many of the goals were not attainable in one hundred years, let alone four.  Fast forward 30 years to the eastern reaches of the Soviet European empire and the slogan “May Poland be Poland: 2+2 must always equal four” was born.  It became a rallying cry for a free trade independence movement which began in Poland but soon swept throughout the eastern bloc; helping to hasten the fall of the Iron Curtain over Europe, with the help of Ronald Reagan of course.  The Soviets hated this because it was a threat to their hegemonic control over the populace.  The slogan “2+2=4” spoke of absolute truth, something the Soviets could not offer.

Up is down, left is right, and gender is fluid in 2021 Dane County and America.  Threats to traditional America are everywhere.  Tucker Carlson hit a nerve when he defended Dr. Seuss.  Read The Sneeches and Other Stories and discern why books like that are being cancelled by our big tech overlords but on the same platforms you can still purchase Mein Kampf?[iv]  When was the last time governments or movements that backed burning books and censorship were on the “right side of history?”

Cancel culture is endemic; like the rotting plywood still covering broken windows on struggling or failed business throughout downtown Madison.  Alan Dershowitz, an actual liberal, said “I hope all Americans wake up to this.”  “I hope it’s not just the ‘shoe is on the other foot’ test. Now, the conservatives are the victims of cancel culture so they’re big supporters of the Constitution and constitutional rights. During McCarthyism, it was the left that were the victims, and the right were the oppressors.”[v]  McCarthyism, like the cancel culture of today, was an out-of-control crusade that suppressed truth and used fear to perpetuate propaganda.  Moreover, it was based on protecting our country from the external threat of communism, irrespective if it achieved the goal or not.[vi]  What we face today is no different.  We conservatives, republicans, libertarians, etc. are in the crosshairs of both the party in charge and the intelligence apparatus.[vii]  However, the left is the party supporting Marxism and we are the party supporting the Constitution and the rule of law.

What the left is pushing is not normal; plain and simple.  HR1 will make the way the 2020 election was administered law.  It will cede control of elections to the federal government, removing control from state legislators.  Mail in ballots, sure.  Democracy in the park, hell yeah.  Ballot drop boxes, put them everywhere.  Hell, we will mail out ballots to every person on our voter roll, oh, you want to clean up the voter rolls, sorry, not under this law.  All they need is more CTCL money, which HR1 will make legal.[viii]  In kind campaign contributions, without disclosure and when used to benefit one party, are illegal under current law.[ix] 

The “Equality Act” will end Title IX.  There is a difference, biologically, between males and females.  Take a look at track & field results between the previously recognized two genders.[x]  In addition, it redefines the relationship between the church and state by designating churches as “public accommodations.”  Labeling as such will likely force churches to accept government’s politics and definitions about sexual orientation and gender identity, regardless of religious beliefs.  The left used secularism to remove God from the public square, now they are attempting to use government to dictate what religious institutions can believe.  The Pilgrims left Delfshaven for religious liberty; 400 years later the same fight endures.

Children and young adults are not vectors of Covid transmission.  It is a lie to state “schools cannot reopen safely until teachers and students are all vaccinated.”  Private and parochial schools have been open throughout the pandemic and have had no problems with Covid dissemination; almost every positive case came from outside the school environment.  In addition, the ancillary effects of school closure have been grievous to students.  According to the previous CDC Director, Robert Redfield, "We're seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We're seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess, that we had as background, than we are seeing deaths from COVID,"[xiv]  How can we continue down this path considering all the damage it’s doing to our children and their future? The left is also pushing the notion of the permanent emergency, under the auspice of Covid, climate change, and racism.[xi]  Emergency equals an opportunity, an opportunity to seize power.  Locally, we have a health department that issues decrees from atop Mount Zion, absolutely unchecked, fervent in their medical tyranny.  Study after study has shown the ineffectiveness of masks.[xii]  Same for the dangers surrounding reopening schools to in person instruction.[xiii]

Dane and Milwaukee counties house the majority of Wisconsin’s “black” and “brown” population.  Yet their schools are still closed, while nearly every other school outside of those counties are open.  Systemic racism anyone?  Who oversees the districts in Dane and Milwaukee County?  Not Republicans.  Sidenote, the nomenclature of black and brown foments the development of individual identity based on immutable characteristics.  People are so much more than their skin color.

In many ways we as Republicans can use the left’s attempted redefinition of absolute truth and their denial of common sense to our advantage.  Most people, albeit left or right, conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, just want their government to work as its constituted.  This is no longer the case in Dane County.  We are governed by decree and special interests like teachers’ unions.  We must worship at the altar of social justice and racial equity.  The solution to racism cannot be more racism, as so many on the left believe.  Normal people understand that, but they are too afraid to speak up.  This is where we come in.

To overcome the obstacle of wokeness and take our county/country back from the people who are ruining it, we must grow the party.  Our umbrella must be vast.  There is such a dearth of real political leadership in Dane County.  People do not want to be ruled, they want to be included in the process.  We need to become the party of every person dejected by the leftward lurch of the democrat party.  We use the ideas of Trumpism, of America first, but perhaps not Trump’s bluntness in delivering the argument.  Conservative ideas win when argued properly and instituted honestly.

Every municipality with a school district should create their own membership committee.  Become your own independent family.  Each member needs to recruit, reach out and get out of their bubble.  We tell people 2+2 no longer equals 5.  We tell people that the republican party stands for schools to open, masks off, Covid restrictions to end, securing elections, and become the party that returns civility to our discourse.  We are the party that stands for absolute truth.  Most rational citizens agree with these positions.

We grow the party by becoming active participants in the political arena.  We must own conservatism, wear it like a badge.  Do not forget, “this country shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”[xv]  The key phrase being “by the people.”  We are the people!  Let us stop outsourcing local government to Democrats.  Our constitutional republic requires participation.         

[i] Orwell, 1984

[ii] Orwell, 1984, page 77

[iii]  Included in the link is a picture of one of the many signs hung throughout Poland during this time. 

[iv] Madison Mayor Apologizes for Thanking Police Officers









[xiii] -10-million-finds


[xv] Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 11/19/1863

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RPDC: Violence Begets Violence

For immediate release:
August 27th, 2020

Scott Grabins
[email protected] / 608-709-0478

The failure of Democrat leadership, local and statewide, has resulted in more senseless deaths due to rioting in Wisconsin.  For months, we have seen law enforcement ordered to step down by these Democrat “leaders” while violence continues to escalate and spin out of control. At least three people are now dead who should not be. 

There is a mobile army of Democrat radicals, linked together by social media, who are willing to travel by the hundreds on a moment’s notice.  They live in Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and elsewhere - armed with fireworks, rocks, headgear, specialized tactics, and with a plan for specific destruction.  Rioters give a lot of reasons why they do what they do but, at the end of the day, violence is never the answer.   

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Press Release - RPDC Announces Historic Number of Republican Candidates

For immediate release:
June 3, 2020


Republican Party of Dane County
[email protected] / 608-709-0478

The Republican Party of Dane County is proud to announce a historic number of Republican candidates now on the ballot in Dane County.  There are more than one dozen, incumbents and challengers, in total. These candidates are running to share fresh ideas and alternatives in Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional Districts throughout the county.

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Open Letter to Governor Evers / Re-Open Wisconsin!

Dear Governor Evers:

I am writing to share my thoughts regarding your leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially I had hoped to focus solely on our common ground as I recognize the enormity of the situation facing our state. Unfortunately, your actions to vilify the Legislature, particularly the Republican leadership, makes this hard to envision.

Empathy for the safety and well-being of our neighbors and fellow citizens is something we all share. Leaders of both parties across the nation acted quickly to save lives. Early on many of us accepted those actions for the greater good – even while recognizing some actions stretched constitutional boundaries. Additionally, many private entities acted to protect people. Restaurants, bars, and churches modified to limit contact and enforce social distancing voluntarily. Yet, today, they all still face tremendous uncertainty under your orders.

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Vote for Justice Kelly Tuesday

If you haven’t voted by absentee or early absentee voting already, we urge you to do so on April 7. Follow your doctor’s advice if you have an underlying health issue. Otherwise we urge you to vote.
Dean Knudson, Chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, is estimating 80% of all voters will have voted via absentee this year. That leaves only 20% to vote Tuesday. Outside of peak times it's likely there will not be a line to vote. There may not even be a line in peak times. Peak times are typically 7:00 – 7:30 am, noon to 1:00 pm and 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

If you see potential election problems on Tuesday report it to:
Our Suggestions
  • Go on a non-peak time.
  • Wear a thin pair of gloves while voting. Put them on before you enter the polling location, keep them on until you get back to your vehicle. You can sign and vote easily wearing a glove.
  • Have your photo ID in an easy to reach pocket.
  • Bring your own black ink pen to sign the poll book and mark the ballot.
  • Don’t feel a need to converse with anyone except election workers.
For Your Protection
  • The Dane County Clerk has secured an ample amount of disinfectant for use in polling stations throughout the county.
  • In Madison, election workers are not going to touch your driver license. You will place it on clip board. Each clip board will be sanitized before the next person uses it.
  • Safe spacing will be enforced. Each pen will be sanitized after use. Lower turnout means you’ll be in and out of there in minutes.
The City of Madison has most of the polling sites open although some have been combined. List of Madison polling locations here: Link

For polling locations outside Madison or outside Dane County go to

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Dave Glomp, a member of the Republican Party of Dane County Executive Board who had reservations about the City of Madison curbside voting process decided that he would check it out Friday and try it. Afterward he sent us this about his experience and is encouraging other Madison residents try curbside voting.   

“Curbside at City County Building voting was quick and easy, and they did have a decent process. We did need to produce a photo ID with our legal address to get a ballot, from the clerk. We had to sign for the ballot and initially we talked by cell phone to someone in the clerk’s office to verify our address and our names and voting district.

The personnel helping out curbside, even offered to witnessed and signed as witness our voting.  We then inserted the ballot into an envelope, which included a label printed out by the Clerk. They provided a moisture pen to seal the envelope so no one could see how we voted.  They said that the Sealed ballot would be stored in the Clerks vault until April 7th when they would be opened and certified as being cast absentee in our voting district which also appeared along with our names on the outside of the sealed ballot envelope.  The vote for President was all on one sheet or on a single ballot and you simply have to vote for either one of the Democrats or for Trump or a write in.  Obviously, you can’t vote for both.  Once you vote and fold up the ballot, it is sealed in the envelope so no one can tell if you voted Republican or Democrat. We signed a statement on the outside of the envelope that we produced a valid photo ID and that we provided our legal address for voting, before receiving the ballot.  

It seems like they covered all contingencies!  I felt they did their due diligence as did I as a voter.  It is one more way for Republicans to make sure they are able to vote and get our people elected! That is part of the reason I voted this way! I needed to see if it was a legitimate process.”

_ _ _

A few details, curbside voting is at the City County Building. Turn onto Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. There is a roped off area and the phone number to call is on each parking meter. Call it, give them your name and address. They will come out with the ballot or ballots if there’s more than one person in the car. Voting is confidential. They do not know who you voted for. David said the Madison Clerk’s staff wear gloves and masks and the whole process took only a few minutes. You do not get out of your vehicle. Voting is only during normal city office hours 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. This is a much better and safer way to vote than at the polls on April 7. With the lock-down, traffic downtown is light, but if you don't like to drive to the Isthmus area of Madison call Uber! VOTE FOR JUSTICE KELLY!   

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The Best is Yet to Come

 The Best Is Yet To Come Trump 2020:
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