Press Release: Terrorist to Visit Madison

While the President barricades veterans in Washington, Madison rolls out the red carpet to ‘Meet & Greet’ a domestic terrorist.  The Wisconsin Book Festival is welcoming domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to Madison for two events this Thursday, October 17th.    The festival, hosted by the Madison Public Library, is promoting him as a victim of defamation by the conservative media.  By his own admission, Mr. Ayers assisted in bombing the New York City Police Department in 1970, the United States Capitol in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.  These are the facts.  This is not defamation.  Mr. Ayers is not the victim. 

The Republican Party of Dane County strongly condemns the criminal actions of Bill Ayers.  We find it reprehensible that he continues to profit from his crimes and that the Madison Public Library, its Foundation, and festival sponsors find it appropriate to promote him in our community while defaming conservatives.    

Bombing buildings in the United States makes you a domestic terrorist.  This should be common sense.  Apparently, in liberal Madison, it makes you a celebrity.


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