Press Release: Show Us the Records!

For immediate release:

October 31, 2014



Since announcing her candidacy for Governor, Mary Burke has repeatedly touted her experience in the private sector as the primary reason to vote for her.

While there have been whispers of Burke’s unsuccessful and unremarkable tenure at her family business for months, former Trek Executives have finally come forward to reveal that Burke was in over her head while managing Trek’s operations in Europe in the early 1990s and was forced out of her family’s business.

These Executives claim that Burke’s work in Europe hurt the company’s bottom line and she was a divisive leader who alienated other employees. Trek Bicycle Corporation is a private company so the claims for this time period cannot be confirmed or denied unless Trek or Mary Burke choses to open the books.

Mary Burke’s campaign is asserting these claims are politically motivated and has maligned the integrity of those who have come forward.  Just release Ms. Burke’s record and the sales figures for this time period and settle this.  The voters of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth as this is the crux of her gubernatorial campaign.

The Republican Party of Dane County challenges Mary Burke to show the public her record while working at Trek so voters can judge for themselves who is telling the truth.

We believe Ms. Burke has been misleading the public about her business credentials and she lacks the integrity and business acumen to be Wisconsin’s Governor.  After being exposed previously for plagiarizing her business plan, these new revelations only reinforce that view.    

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