Press Release: Our View of Yesterday’s Events

For immediate release:

October 29, 2014



For months, we’ve been hearing about the gulf between rich and poor and the need to raise the minimum wage from gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Although a one-percenter herself, Burke claims to champion these redistributive policies.  With her recent, dramatic campaign donation to herself of a staggering $4.6 million dollars, she’ll be doing more to pad the pockets of media outlets than to support entry level workers.

Adding to the hypocrisy, President Barack Obama joined Mary Burke yesterday in Wisconsin to promote her campaign.  While he was here, he was part of a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee where they charged $16,000 a person so other, rich Democrats could eat sushi with him and raise more money to spend against Governor Walker.

But we shouldn’t be shocked by this. As RPDC Chairman Scott Grabins notes:

These events shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Mary Burke’s campaign for the Madison School Board in 2012. She spent $128,000- over $116,000 more than her opponent and $90,000 more than any previous school board candidate on record for that seat.  She was handpicked by the Democrat establishment because of her ability to self-fund.

As we see it, this money dump is a desperate attempt to revive Burke’s lackluster campaign of lies including the misappropriation of “her” jobs plan. It seems her goal is to take politics to the lowest common dominator where she’ll be inundating voters with negative political ads until November 4th.

We believe Wisconsin deserves better— voters deserve to know where Mary Burke stands on the issues and her background- that she agrees with President Obama 99% of the time, that she supports Obamacare and that she was a “disaster” as Commerce Secretary in Governor Jim Doyle’s Administration.

Don’t be deceived by Mary Burke’s money bomb against Scott Walker. Look at the candidates’ track records and ask yourself if you are better off today under Governor Walker than you were with Governor Doyle in 2010. We think you are and we encourage you to vote to continue Wisconsin’s comeback under Governor Walker.

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