Press Release: Facilitating Illegal Immigration - Plenty of Harm to go Around

(Madison) – The Republican Party of Dane County (RPDC) is deeply troubled by multiple aspects of the situation that has unfolded on our southern border, but which the Obama administration is now doing its utmost to share with states throughout the nation, in many cases surreptitiously.

Let us be immediately clear: We do not lack compassion. We are not xenophobes. We are in no way anti-immigration. Rather, we see the profound damage that illegal immigration causes to all parties involved, not least to illegal immigrants themselves—many of whom, in the current crisis, are children being wrongly used as pawns in a policy war. 

It is deeply regrettable that the current administration has telegraphed to individuals and families already struggling in other nations that illegal entry into the United States comes with guarantees. How is it ethical or just to mislead people to serve base political ends?  How is it helpful or benevolent to uproot unfortunates from already dire circumstances only to lead them into a life that will most likely be as perilous or worse?  Sadly, the future does not look bright for most of them, even should they manage to stay in this country. 

Furthermore, how is this ugly political game fair to unsuspecting American citizens and taxpayers across the nation who must now confront the significant security, health, and financial crises they did not create?  In a growing list of publicly documented cases, the administration has taken the law into its own hands, operating by stealth to shuttle illegal immigrants from the border into states and cities across the nation. 

In the past few days, news sources have reported that several hundred children of illegal status may be shipped to Wisconsin, specifically to Madison and/or Milwaukee. Reports indicate that Madison’s Mayor Soglin has been actively seeking possible locations to assist with housing, so far without much success.

The RPDC calls on Mayor Soglin to take a firm stand. If we embrace illegal immigration and the damage it causes – if we thereby facilitate gross injustices to the illegal immigrants themselves – can we truly call ourselves compassionate?  If the mayor truly cares about both the plight of illegal immigrants and the safety and well-being of his constituents, he should tell the Obama administration that neither the City of Madison nor its people will be party to the ugly political games being played with the lives of real people.  

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