Nomination Signatures

Dane County ChallengersWe have a number of great candidates who are running for office this November who can use your support! The very first thing they need to do is get nomination papers signed to get on the ballot. This will be more challenging in the current social distancing climate - no parades, no gatherings, no meetings, etc. Luckily, it's easy for you to help. 

All you need to do is (1) Print out a form for the candidate(s) in your district, (2) Sign it, have others in your immediate family sign it and fill out the circulator portion on the bottom. You can be the circulator for a petition you sign and (3) mail it to the candidates address.  

If you don't know where to return nomination papers or have papers for multiple candidates you can also return them to RPDC - PO Box 945, Madison, WI 53701.

Assembly Candidates- Minimum: 200 - Goal: 300 - 400 signatures

John Jagler 37th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Map - Includes Towns of Bristol and York and Southern part of the Town of Windsor

Barb Dittrich 38th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Map - Website - Includes the Towns of  Chistiana, Deerfield and Medina

John Plumer 42nd Assembly District - Website - Map - Includes Towns of Dane and Northern part of the Town of Windsor

Beth Drew 43rd Assembly District - Website - Map - Includes Towns of Rutland, Dunkirk and Albion

Terry Lyon 46th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Facebook - Map

Phil Anderson 47th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - FacebookMap

Sam Anderson 48th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Map

Patrick Hull 76th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Map

Victoria Fueger 79th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Facebook - Map   

Chase Binnie 80th Assembly District - Nomination Paper - Website - Facebook - Twitter - Map 

Dave Dahlke 81st Assembly District -  Nomination PaperMap   

State Senate Candidates - Minimum: 400 - Goal: 500 - 600 signatures

Joan Ballweg 14th Senate District  Nomination Paper - Map Includes Town of Dane and Northern part of the Town of Windsor

Scott Barker 16th Senate District - Nomination Paper - Website - Facebook - Map 

2nd Congressional District - Minimum: 1,000 - Goal: 1,500 - 1,800 

Peter Theron - Nomination Paper - Website 

Other Republican candidates statewide can be found here:

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