Mike Pence: A Big Reason to Vote Trump


Melissa Clouthier, American Spectator, Oct. 4, 2016

In this is election cycle, a huge percentage of voters are voting against who they hate/distrust the most. People dislike Hillary Clinton and think she’s a criminal who is above the law and disdains average voters. People worry that Donald Trump has bad judgment and makes stupid decisions.

In an odd way, this made the Vice Presidential debate more important. Most years, you’re deciding between the two main candidates, but what if you dislike and distrust both? The deciding factor can be the Vice President.

For the fence-sitters, Mike Pence made the decision easy: Even-tempered and reasonable, factual and clear-headed, informed and sympathetic, Mike Pence sounded like he could be president. He was reassuring. Tim Kaine made Hillary’s job harder, not easier. He was rude, disrespectful, lied and was just generally a jerk. He looked juvenile and defensive. READ it HERE 


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