Mary Burke: I spent 'hundreds of hours' writing plagiarized jobs plan

MaryBurkeCutAndPaste.jpgMary Burke, speaking on her plagiarized jobs plan, now says she spent 'hundreds of hours' working on it.  This was first reported by The Weekly Standard and the linked video is below  (note: we attribute our sources).  

This is apparently in addition to the time spent by the consultant who was fired because he was responsible for "her" jobs plan.  Which is it?  Did she personally spend hundreds of hours cutting and pasting together this plan or was it the responsibility of a consultant?  Wisconsin deserves to know.    

In other news, she was also questioned by other reporters to define 'plagiarism'.  That video is also linked below.

To learn more about the 'Cut-And-Paste' candidate, check out the full story here. 

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