Madison Middle Schoolers Explore Very Adult Themes in Class - warning explicit material

This news about the exposure of Madison middle schoolers at O'Keefe School to sexually explicit themes is alarming and should send parents running to the polls on April 4th for the election of the Superintendent of Schools.


By Bill Osmulski - MacIver News Service | February 28, 2017

[Madison, Wisc...] In the school library at O'Keeffe Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin, an eighth-grader is presenting her homework assignment to the class  ...

.... MacIver News Service began investigating this classroom activity after receiving a tip from a Madison resident concerned that the material was inappropriate for children in 8th grade. Students in 8th grade are typically around 13 years old.

MNS first downloaded and examined classroom videos Ms. Swetz had posted on YouTube. Then on Tuesday, February 21st MNS contacted Ms. Swetz, her principal Tony Dugas, and MMSD Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham. Cheatham and Swetz both acknowledged receipt of the email, but never responded to MNS' questions. Ms. Swetz then turned her videos to private on YouTube.

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