Loser of the Day - Tony Evers


 Right Wisconsin Feb 28, 2017

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers repeated his belief yesterday that Act 10 is contributing to a perceived teacher shortage in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Evers said, “I think it’s made a hell of a big difference.”

“We have turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers,” Evers said.

The reality is a study by the Public Policy Forum found that the decline in people entering the teaching profession in Wisconsin mirrors a national trend. They could find no connection to Act 10.

In fact, Act 10 has actually helped the better teachers in the state by making the job market more competitive. Evers called districts competing for good teachers, "poaching."

Spring Election for DPI Superintendent

Evers is facing off against Lowell Holtz in the April 4 spring election, Holtz' conservative philosophy supports innovative options for K - 12 education which contrasts to Evers. 


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