I’ve had it!

I’ve had it!  Innocent American people are being savaged by the federal government by being told that they are the reason for new increases of Covid cases nationwide.  Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants with the Covid virus flood across our Southern Border  unabated!  The overwhelmed border patrol are unable to deal with the numbers of illegals, much less screen those with the contagious Covid virus and quarantine them. These Covid spreaders are being released, almost immediately and sent to almost every state in the nation, making the Southern Border fiasco the largest unfettered Covid spreading event ever.

The government can’t or won’t even tell elected officials asking where these people are specifically being sent!  Meanwhile, those of us who have been immunized against Covid are being vilified as spreaders and must mask up because we might be spreading the virus.

Vaccinations were to have prevented all that.  The government continues, to tell everyone they must get the vaccinations. Yet they tell us we can still contract, and spread, the virus. People are rightfully questioning getting vaccinated. Either it works or it doesn’t, not to mention some of the devastating side effects many have experienced when vaccinated.

The bottom line is, NO further mandates should be forced upon regular American Citizens when the virus is really being spread by illegals shipped around our country!  The Democratic Biden Administration is at fault, in hopes of adding new Democratic voters when the illegals are added to our population and they are made new citizens. 

Dave Glomp, 50+ year resident of Madison, and former broadcast journalist.

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