Holtz Applauds President Trump’s Call to Fund School Choice


Election will be April 4th.  Mark your calendars!

(Beloit, WI)  March 1, 2017 Press release

Lowell Holtz, candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, made the following statement in regard to President Donald Trump’s call to fund school choice in America.

“Last night in his address to Congress, President Donald Trump called for an education bill that would fund school choice for America’s disadvantaged students.  I applaud President Trump’s appeal because every student deserves to learn in a manner that best suits them.  In Wisconsin, we have seen the advantages school choice, and as Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will work to expand the opportunity for every child in Wisconsin.

President Trump was absolutely correct when he called education “the civil rights issue of our time.”  We must give our children and grandchildren every possible opportunity to succeed and get ahead in life.”

Dr. Holtz has taught in classrooms, been recognized as a Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and has led district improvement efforts as Superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle, Beloit, and Whitnall School Districts. He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, and is the son of a retired Milwaukee Police Officer. Lowell is married to Dr. Susan Holtz, his high school sweetheart and wife of 36 years, and together they have raised five grown children. In addition to his roles in education, Dr. Holtz has over two decades of experience in law enforcement.

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