Help Find President Biden’s Classified Documents

For immediate release:
February 8, 2023


Scott Grabins
[email protected]

We all know that more and more classified and top-secret documents are being found almost everywhere President Joe Biden goes or has been.  With the President visiting Madison this week, it seemed only right that local residents should be able to help locate some of these wayward documents.  Anyone who discovers one of ten “Top Secret” documents in a variety of, in plain sight locations, throughout Madison and surrounding communities, can claim a free American flag courtesy of the Republican Party of Dane County.

Call it “Biden’s Classified Documents Scavenger Hunt”.TopSecretBiden-DraftSmall.png

“Our effort is somewhat tongue and cheek, but it is intended to point out the reality and the double standards applied in the treatment of classified documents, which can contain critical information when in the wrong hands can threaten to undermine our government.”  Said Scott Grabins, Chair of the Republican Party of Dane County. 

Locations included in the scavenger hunt are the University of Wisconsin Campus, Downtown Madison, Middleton, Fitchburg, McFarland, Cottage Grove, and Mazomanie.

“What isn’t funny is the apparent lackadaisical treatment of our very important documents.  We hope this will draw attention to the need for more serious action by the FBI, Justice Department, and our top intelligence agencies,” Grabins continued.

Anyone can participate in our Scavenger Hunt!  If you find one of the documents simply text a picture of it to 608-709-0478 or email to [email protected] to claim an American flag by the end of the week.