Glenn Grothman Stars in EpiPen Congressional Hearing


 EpiPen - A Story of GREED.  CEO earns $19 million

by Glen Grothman, United States Representative, WI 6th District.  Source: Grothman Update e-letter.  Sept. 23, 2016

This week, I questioned Mylan CEO Heather Bresch about the skyrocketing price of life-saving EpiPens at a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing.  Mylan, which manufactures EpiPen, has recently come under fire for increasing the price of a two-pack of EpiPens from $100 in 2009 to $600 in 2016.

As EpiPen prices have spiked, CEO Bresch’s salary has increased to $19 million.

I am a big proponent of free markets, but it is outrageous that Bresch is price gouging families on a drug that so many people, especially children, depend on to survive. Her attempt to line her own pockets at the expense of those with severe allergies is nothing but greed.

To help reduce the monopoly that Mylan holds over the EpiPen market, Congress also questioned an official at the FDA about how to speed up the approval of generics to bring down the price of EpiPens. We will keep working on this issue to make sure that all families can afford this life-saving drug.

Click here to watch my full line of questioning.

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