Glen Grothman reports -- Blame Radical Islamic Terrorism


Beyond the 2nd Amendment: Dems have a problem with the whole Bill of Rights

This week, amidst heated battles in Congress, I read an article in the Washington Examiner. I wanted to share it with you because I believe it explains why the Democrats’ approach to gun control is misguided following the horrible attack in Orlando. Their proposed “solution” focuses on guns, not the root of recent attacks - radical Islamic terrorism. By making this about gun control, Democrats are proving once again how little they care about our national security.
In the Orlando attack, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) failed by not following up in its investigation of the shooter and by ignoring signs that he was planning the attack. The FBI should be held accountable and its watch list reformed.
Americans who have never committed or been convicted of a crime can be placed on the FBI terror watch list for little to no reason at all. The list is secret, giving the government immense power to strip constitutional rights from innocent Americans with no legal process. Secret government lists should never be used to violate basic rights.
No one believes terrorists should legally have guns or be able to buy guns – that’s a ridiculous political accusation by Democrats who are weak on terrorism. However, Republicans do believe the terror watch list should be reformed, so it’s better at monitoring actual terrorists instead of law-abiding Americans.
I encourage you to read the article to learn more.

US Representative Glenn Grothman (R) serves Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District

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