Wisconsin Elections Commission Promotes Election Fraud

For immediate release:
November 1, 2021


Scott Grabins
[email protected]

Election fraud must continue to be investigated and prosecuted if our elections are going to have any integrity. 

A recent investigation by the Racine County Sheriff’s office has produced clear evidence that fraudulent absentee ballots originating from nursing homes and other such long-term care facilities were cast and counted in the November 2020 Election.  The investigation by Sheriff Schmaling raises questions of similar potential situations statewide.  State Statutes require that Special Voting Deputies monitor ballots being cast by those that have cognitive disabilities.  Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, (WEC), enabled the fraud by saying that there was no need for Special Voting Deputies to witness votes in such homes.

This situation was first brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office by a Racine Resident whose mother voted in the 2020 election, even though she passed away a month prior to the election. The person said that her mother was not cognitive enough to vote months prior to her death.  It was determined that dozens of others in this facility who were unable to cognitively vote voted anyway.  Again, the WEC decision to violate state law enabled this to occur.

The Republican Party of Dane County, (RPDC), is very concerned that similar situations may have occurred in many other facilities statewide.  We would hope that Dane County and all others will conduct similar investigations, and that audits by both the Legislature and former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman will also pursue this.  The RPDC was the first county to endorse the forensic audit and now calls for this situation to be added to that investigation.

Finally, we ask that anyone in Dane County or any county who has a friend or relative with cognitive mental disabilities in a nursing home facility to check to see if those persons voted despite that disability.  You can do so by visiting myvote.wi.gov and then report that to your local Sheriff’s Office. 

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