Dave Glomp, a member of the Republican Party of Dane County Executive Board who had reservations about the City of Madison curbside voting process decided that he would check it out Friday and try it. Afterward he sent us this about his experience and is encouraging other Madison residents try curbside voting.   

“Curbside at City County Building voting was quick and easy, and they did have a decent process. We did need to produce a photo ID with our legal address to get a ballot, from the clerk. We had to sign for the ballot and initially we talked by cell phone to someone in the clerk’s office to verify our address and our names and voting district.

The personnel helping out curbside, even offered to witnessed and signed as witness our voting.  We then inserted the ballot into an envelope, which included a label printed out by the Clerk. They provided a moisture pen to seal the envelope so no one could see how we voted.  They said that the Sealed ballot would be stored in the Clerks vault until April 7th when they would be opened and certified as being cast absentee in our voting district which also appeared along with our names on the outside of the sealed ballot envelope.  The vote for President was all on one sheet or on a single ballot and you simply have to vote for either one of the Democrats or for Trump or a write in.  Obviously, you can’t vote for both.  Once you vote and fold up the ballot, it is sealed in the envelope so no one can tell if you voted Republican or Democrat. We signed a statement on the outside of the envelope that we produced a valid photo ID and that we provided our legal address for voting, before receiving the ballot.  

It seems like they covered all contingencies!  I felt they did their due diligence as did I as a voter.  It is one more way for Republicans to make sure they are able to vote and get our people elected! That is part of the reason I voted this way! I needed to see if it was a legitimate process.”

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A few details, curbside voting is at the City County Building. Turn onto Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. There is a roped off area and the phone number to call is on each parking meter. Call it, give them your name and address. They will come out with the ballot or ballots if there’s more than one person in the car. Voting is confidential. They do not know who you voted for. David said the Madison Clerk’s staff wear gloves and masks and the whole process took only a few minutes. You do not get out of your vehicle. Voting is only during normal city office hours 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. This is a much better and safer way to vote than at the polls on April 7. With the lock-down, traffic downtown is light, but if you don't like to drive to the Isthmus area of Madison call Uber! VOTE FOR JUSTICE KELLY!   

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