Congratulations to Justice-Elect Hagedorn!


Thanks to all the volunteers who joined us in the fight! 

We've been working hard to get out the vote in support of Judge Brian Hagedorn and those efforts paid off. Thank you to everyone who made time to help this campaign cross the finish line. We didn't win Dane County but we helped win Wisconsin. A couple percentage points in Dane County really can make all the difference.

In the previous Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Dane County finished with 19% of the vote. This spring we finished with 21%. Yes, Dane County turned out even more Democrat voters than last time but we kept pace and improved our percentage of the vote. That two percent meant about 6,400 votes more for Judge Hagedorn this year. If that doesn't sound like a big number, look at the margin of victory.

I can't express how grateful we are to everyone who came out to write postcards, knock doors, put up signs, work the polls, and make phone calls for Judge Hagedorn. We should also thank David Blaska for running a good campaign for Madison School Board too. There is no doubt in my mind that his being on the ballot helped with those numbers too.

Let's keep moving forward and do it again in 2020!

Scott Grabins
Chair, RPDC




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