Call to Action on President Trump’s Agenda

The Dane County Republican Party of Wisconsin calls on the Congress of the United States to approve President Donald Trump’s top three agenda items, health-care reform, tax reform, and immigration reform, no later than December 31 of this year.

We believe reform is critical to the nation.

All are Vital to the Economy. All three items are vital to restoring and growing the economy. Since the ship of the economy requires time to get to full power after these agenda policies are passed, it is critical they be completed by the end this year or sooner.

We need Health-Care Reliability. The Affordable Health Care Act is collapsing and Americans need certainty that America’s health-care system will be restored. Health-care reform cannot wait.

Tax Reform is the Foundation of Economic Growth. Tax reform, along with regulatory reform already underway, is absolutely necessary to reinvigorate the economy and jump start the explosion of jobs to benefit young adults, those unwillingly out of the workforce, those trying to climb the ladder out of poverty, and all Americans who want the opportunity to grow and prosper in their work.

Immigration Reform is Necessary for Everyone. Immigration reform must come this year to provide certainty about the future for businesses, for those illegally in the United States, for government budget planning at all levels that is impacted by illegal persons, and to stop illegal and criminal activities being imported into the United States.

Wisconsin’s Republican Delegation has been Outstanding. We are very grateful to the Republicans in Wisconsin’s congressional delegation for all they have done to advance the President’s agenda so far, including the leadership of Rep. Paul Ryan who has shepherded the health care reform bill though House of Representatives. Wisconsin has become a leader in America because we put the actual interests of people first. We are confident in their ability to continue playing a leading role in speeding through Congress the President’s agenda and we will support their efforts in Wisconsin.

We are Ready to Help. We stand ready to help in any way we can to get the President’s top agenda policies through by December 31. We expect that by December 31 of this year, we will be able to say, promises made by the Republican Party National Convention and President Donald Trump as a candidate have been kept and that Republicans govern like they campaigned.

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