Bernie fan narrowly thwarted in attempt to mow down GOP Congressional team


By Thomas Lifson, June 14, 2017  American Thinker

A gunman now identified as James Hodgkinson attempted a massacre of members of the GOP Congressional Baseball Team, practicing for a planned charity game against the Congressional Democrats Thursday night. The only reason the entire contingent of reps and aides were not slaughtered was the presence of a security detail of the Capitol Police, guarding a member to the majority leadership. Their armed response, which wounded both, staved off Hodgkinson’s intended killing spree (he shot more than 50 rounds), presumably pinning him down until police arrived a reported few minutes later.

It is most unfortunate for the Left that Hodgkinson is reportedly a Bernie fan, self-identified progressive. But it is evident that this was a crime of opportunity, not a well planned operation.  Reportedly, Congressman Ron DeSantis was leaving early and encountered the man, who asked him who they were. He answered that it was a Congressional baseball team. Hodgkinson asked, “Which party?”

Hodgkinson is from Illinois, and it is not known why he was in Washington. But he seems to have traveled with an armory of sorts, which must have been in his car's trunk, parked nearby. Now, why would a deranged rabid progressive bring a lot of ammunition and at least one gun to the nation's capital? Doesn't it seem reasonable to wonder if this was just the first opportunity he got to enact violence against a target the Left agrees is evil: the GOP?


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