From the Chair - Are You Frustrated?

I'm frustrated. I know many of you are too - you've shared it with me. A couple of Senators continue to stifle much of our agenda on the national level as we have a historic opportunity to make bold changes. 


That's the reality we face but that doesn't mean we need to accept it.  We still have work to finish in 2018.  It's that time of year when we need to you to join or renew your membership so that we can get that work done.

Job #1: Return Scott Walker as Governor.

He is the leading Republican Governor in the United States. He defeated state union control of state government, kept property taxes nearly unchanged, and is reforming State Government.  We need to continue his leadership in Wisconsin.

Job #2: Change Washington by Strengthening the Republican Senate.

We all know who has hurt the Republican agenda. We can complain or we can take action. This coming year help us defeat Senator Tammy Baldwin, and replace her with a conservative Republican.

Job #3: Boost Our Vote Totals - Dane County Matters. 

We cast the 3rd most votes of any Wisconsin county and are the media center for 1,000,000 people in Southcentral and Southwestern Wisconsin.  There exists tremendous potential to grow the conservative movement here, continue our Republican state-wide leadership, and bring change in Washington.

Why Join or Renew?

We take our responsibility seriously; your membership/support makes its possible for us to do the following:

Influencing Dane County Voters


Holding Community Events like "Free Speech Isn't Free If It's Not Protected" - The first of a new series of events we will engage our local communities.  It was held in Fitchburg, televised on WisconsinEye, and had over 70 people in attendance.  Check it out below!


Confronting the Democrats - We raised a media stir not only in Madison but in Milwaukee by insisting Mayor Soglin include the Democrats shameful role in slavery and racism if he's going to lecture all of us on the history of racism in the United States.  We also participated in the recent Wisconsin Police Vigil in honor of those that selflessly serve our communities.


Growing our Community through Successful Events

Pints & Politics continues every month with large crowds, our Annual Picnic grew significantly this year, and our Lincoln-Reagan Dinner sold out (over 200 people!) for the second straight year.


Appointing Election Inspectors

We are actively working with municipalities around Dane County to ensure fair elections and that we have Republican representation on election day. 


Recruiting Local Candidates

Our most important job.  Dane County is tough for Republicans but we can move the needle!  First through engaging our communities in many ways then by following up with quality candidates.

We have a historic opportunity in front of us following last year's election and we need to continue to move the line forward. Your local Party is the foundation of it all, the starting point, whether our fortunes are up or down.  

Renewing now ensures that you will be in good standing for our Annual Caucus early next year, eligible to be a delegate to the 2nd Congressional District Caucus and eligible to be a delegate to the State Convention where we'll endorse our party's candidate for US Senate!

Please renew your membership today, it's vital we have your support and that you continue to fight with us!

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