ACT 10, the Madison School Board, and MTI

Governor Walker says Mary Burke’s Madison school district "will be the only school district left in the state" to "ignore the (Act 10) law" in the 2015-16 school year.

On September 10th, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit against the Madison School Board for violating Act 10. Local blogger and Madison resident, David Blaska, is the man standing up for the best interests of Madison's children, taxpayers, and teachers in this lawsuit.

The reforms enacted with Act 10 have had a profound, positive impact on schools around Wisconsin - school districts that are following the law that is. School district after school district has proven that they can work with their teachers as the professionals they are and improve education for Wisconsin's children.  Except in Madison where Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) stands in the way of game changing ideas like Madison Prep.  Instead our minority achievement gap is worse than Milwaukee's!

MTI - We recall Walker and teach the children!  Politics before children?

At the end of the day, this is about improving education for our children.  We can do that but not while MTI has a stranglehold on our schools.  As this lawsuit proceeds we'll be following it closely here.

Check back often for the latest updates!

Blaska's Bring It!

David Blaska chronicles his experiences as this lawsuit progresses.

Local Coverage

Miscellaneous coverage from around Madison and Wisconsin regarding the lawsuit, Madison schools, and MTI.

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