Congressman Jeff Fortenberry: The Next Hundred Days for America


Vice-President Elect Pence Tells Congress to "Buckle Up"

Dec 2, 2016 by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, Fort Report

In a recent meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence, he concluded his remarks to us by saying, “Buckle up.” Beginning in January, we will have a new President and Congress. The next hundred days will be intense. The next hundred days will create possibilities. The next hundred days will set the stage for a new architecture of government and a repurposed relationship between the people and the state.

For far too long, partisan paralysis has plagued Congress, leading to stagnation in Washington. With this historic and transformative election, the playbooks both political parties used for decades were rightfully shredded. The transition of presidential administrations has unleashed the potential for a genuine re-imagining of policy, with four relevant areas leading the way.

First, right out of the gate, Congress will launch a significant healthcare reform initiative. Current skyrocketing healthcare premiums are unsustainable. At the same time, we cannot default back to the previous arrangement, which left too many persons behind. While there might be a fierce fight on the specifics of reform proposals, broad agreement will likely coalesce around protecting persons from inhuman market forces while at the same time incentivizing the best of market innovation to spur change. Nebraskans with spiraling healthcare costs know that a new healthcare construct is needed. To address these concerns, the next approach must reinvigorate health insurance with the goals of lowering prices, protecting the sick, and improving options. The next generation health savings account will be the cornerstone of this effort, restoring relationship, responsibility, and respect as the drivers of healthcare policy.


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